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Jay Robert-Edwards Natural Hair Extensions!

Jay Robert-Edwards Natural Hair Extensions was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1983 by Extensions artisan Jay Robert-Edwards.

Jay qualified as a Hairdresser in 1972 in California where he worked for 9 years refining his techniques in cutting, coloring, perming and studying the science of trichology. During this period, Jay spent extensive time studying the effects of chemical processes on the hair strands of his clients in private trichology laboratories in San Francisco.

In 1981 Jay was privileged to train at the prestigious salon of Robert Adele & Associates - at that time Americans premier Hair Extensions salon. Since then Jay has altered and refined the techniques he learned to create his own unique method of Hair Extensions application. Jay's method is specifically designed to nurture and protect the fine fragile nature of Caucasian hair. When applied correctly, the method is completely safe, undetectable, non-destructive, comfortable and secure.

In 1988 Jay set his sights on new frontiers and arrived in Sydney Australia for a two week holiday, only to stay forever. Jay has since forged a reputation as Australia's foremost Hair Extension Company and is unrivalled in quality of hair, workmanship and client service. All of Jay Robert-Edwards Natural Hair Extensions are custom made by hand to exacting client specifications using only the world's finest human hair. Jay Robert-Edwards Natural Hair Extensions are available to personal clientele at 193 Old South Rd, Bondi Junction, NSW - or shipped anywhere in the world.


Jay Robert-Edwards Natural Hair Extensions is not just about Hair Extensions. Our aim is to create beautiful heads of hair for our personal clients and clients of stylists we recommend throughout the world. Our method is formulated specifically for the fragile nature of Caucasian hair, and is able to be used on any hair type - be it Caucasian, Asian or African - with superior results.

Our Hair Extensions, their application process and the care and maintenance of them has been especially designed to protect and nurture the clients own hair: to allow it to grow out in a virgin state free from the stresses and damage caused by chemical processes and/or manual mistreatment.

We don't just make Hair Extensions, we aim to educate both stylists and clients alike in ways to get their own hair to be in the best condition it can possibly be. The care routines we prescribe for our Hair Extensions can be continued even when not wearing our hair, in order to keep your own hair in pristine condition all the time.


At Jay Robert-Edwards we don't just make wefts, we custom make SYSTEMS. What this means for you is that when you take your system to your preferred stylist, all they have to do is follow our application plan and the hair will fit you perfectly - just like Haute Couture. The weft sizes will fit your scalp, you will have the perfect amount of hair in all the right places, the color will be exact and there will be no line of demarcation between your own hair and the extensions. When we make a SYSTEM we are making a head of hair for YOU - not just a bunch of wefts. We care about what you want and we want you to feel great about your Natural Hair Extensions Hair. We know you will look sensational!

Jay is committed to the health and vitality of all hair. We exclusively use and recommend NEXXUS hair care products. In our experience, we have found that the NEXXUS products keep both Extension and growing hair in fabulous condition no matter what it's ailment. We guarantee that if our care instructions are followed with the correct range of NEXXUS products, that our hair extensions will continue to look fabulous throughout their life span.

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